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  • Scout Wiley

    Scout Wiley

    an explorer and explosion.

  • Shane Fenwick

    Shane Fenwick

    A Sydney-based bi[bli]ophile writing about all things mind, spirituality, philosophy, health, and flourishing. Endlessly fascinated by this wondrous universe.

  • Dr. Rosalind Watts

    Dr. Rosalind Watts

    Founder of ACER Integration, Clinical Psychologist, former Clinical Lead at the Imperial College London psilocybin for depression trial

  • Alexander Beiner

    Alexander Beiner

    Co-Founder of Rebel Wisdom

  • Irfan Ajvazi

    Irfan Ajvazi

    Irfan Ajvazi is an Writer, Author and Publisher. Tricontinental Magazine/Theoretical Dialectics Journal/Idea Books/Plato Books/Spinoza Journal/Literary Magazine

  • The Society Library

    The Society Library

    A non-profit library of society’s ideas, ideologies, and world-views. Focusing on improving the relationship between people and information.

  • Adam Andros Aronovich

    Adam Andros Aronovich

    Medical Anthropologist, Creator of Healing From Healing (IG & FB), Co-Founder and COO of Hidden Hand Media.

  • Abdullah Sattar

    Abdullah Sattar

    Engineering @UCalgary ‘18 Religious Studies @UCalgary ‘23 Passionate about Islamic philosophy, theology, poetry and mysticism.

  • Jaret Rushing

    Jaret Rushing

    Undergraduate student of Philosophy, Classics, and South Asian studies @VanderbiltU. Interested in philosophy of religion, modernity, and comparative religion.

  • Ali Hussain

    Ali Hussain

    Creative writer, aspiring musician and educator on the sacred dimensions of the creative process

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